Why make the change?

In the past, most paint equipment was cleaned using acid, caustic or organic chemicals. Due to increased enviornmental concerns and liability problems involved in disposing of the waste and sludge that is the result of these processes, they are no longer cost effective.

In addition, new electrostatic spray painting methods require clean equipment to obtain the best ground for maximum transfer efficiency.

Our facility can provide you with fast turn around of your paint equipment. Your equipment will be cleaned in a process that meets or exceeds all EPA and OSHA standards for paint residue removal.

The paint build up is removed by a heat method that turns most of the residue into smoke form. This smoke is then heated to a high enough temperature to safely vaporize all volatile organic chemicals.

The gases that are left over consist of water vapor and carbon dioxide. Any organic pigments remaining after the process is complet will be in the form of ash. Most of this ash remains in the furnace. Any left on the parts can be easily removed by tapping the part or washing.

NOTE: Copies of MSDS sheets for the paints and chemicals that may be on the equipment must accompany the equipment to our facility.

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