How can we benefit you?

Nagel Technologies can improve your efficiency and decrease your costs by being your paint residue cleaning facility. A cleaner paint line and equipment means a more efficient wrap around affect of your electrostatic paint system. the elimination of large buildups on your equipment will decrease the potential for painting rework. Clean equipment is less likely to contaminate fresh paint.

The use of our service eliminates the need for caustic strippers and sandblasting to clean your parts. The results is not only a reduction of waste disposal costs, a reduced risk of injury to employees fromt he caustic chemicals.

Your company will also benefit from better use of time by your employees. People can spend more of their time in production because the need for time consuming cleaning of paint equipment parts is eliminated.

NOTE: Copies of MSDS sheets for the paints and chemicals that may be on the equipment must accompany the equipment to our facility.

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